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Company Profile

Pakco International Co. Ltd. was established in 1988 formerly known as Pakco Axis Co., Ltd.  Since then,
Pakco International Co., Ltd. has been one  of the leading rotomolding companies  in  Thailand  with  the
“Tema” brand low linear density polyethylene (LLDPE) and high density polyethylene (HDPE) products.  We are also known for our expertise
in our “Lambda” brand mixers and aerators used for pharmaceuticals, chemical processing, food processing,
water, wastewater treatment applications, etc.

In 2010, Pakco International Co., Ltd. expounded the services  in  specializing engineering works  through
Water Purification Engineering Co., Ltd. who took over the management of the company.

Presently, Pakco International Co., Ltd. offers “Tema” LLDPE and HDPE products, “Lambda” mixers and aerators
and provides services on engineering works for water treatment, wastewater treatment, water recycling

and air pollution treatment applications.

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